About us

Maraton Kencana’s legacy began in 1998 in Indonesia. Maraton Kencana was established to makes a better earth and better living space for people. Maraton Kencana offered unique product lines of furniture, home decoration, lighting, and garden furniture.

We believe our craftsman skill, precision, and diligence could not be doubted. Our craftsman’s passions reflect in a high quality and luxury product we produce. Every product we make uses an eco-friendly material. From coconut to seashell, trees-skin to bamboo, twig to leaf, and unique wood pieces - we are mastering in how to transform them into a beautiful high-quality piece to decorate your Life with Arts.


Concerned by the issues facing the environment, Maraton Kencana asks you to participate to save the earth in order to sustainably diminish the impact of its’ activity on the environment. How can we save the earth is based on our performances. Maraton Kencana’s products are mainly handmade, which minimize the use of electricity yet provides a lot of jobs. The natural and waste resources as our main material reduce earth waste. Maraton Kencana using 100% legal timber from Perhutani (Indonesian State-owned enterprises having duty and authority of the forest). And that means when you buy our product, you are preventing illegal logging. Operating from our headquarters in Indonesia, we need less air conditioner and no heater system that guarantee our environment performances.


Custom Made

You are our inspiration. Our products are made with love for our clients to make their life more meaningful. We are grateful to have an opportunity to make a new art piece for you. Please take a look at our material and feel free to send your design to us in any product, any size, or any form.

Our Brands

Golden Coco is Maraton Kencana product line brand. GoldenCoco represent Maraton Kencana’s products to the customer. We think highly on our design, material, and quality; that’s what we believe what our customers’ think when they hear GoldenCoco and Maraton Kencana.